Marsden day for scan and special blood tests. So far all ok scan results next Tuesday.  We met 2 warriors at the Marsden Jim and Carol. What a  nice bloke. WE hit it off  straight away. man after my own heart. Shame they live so far away. But with facebook and emails they are in our front room.

Journey up today  was great no school runs or heavy traffic. Journey home ended in shopping but equally  as good.

Seems like The Calendar pictures are now acceptable with the printer. So its soon full steam ahead. The print preview looks ok.


I got wet walking louis this morning yuk!  After lunch it brightened up so  we went to the clothes dump its where you can put  clothes for recycle .In the carpark  at tankerton. Mavis had a big clear out and we ended up with a black sack bulgin with clothes. I even dumped my Leather jacket. Its  faded a bit and Ive had it a while. So Ive ordered a new one.

But  no sooner had we parked up and walked round with louis the heavens oped and we got wet again. Mavis nipped into  the small Tesco store and I stood up  under a shop  canopy. When we walked back to the car the rain got harder and the wind drove it home. We got soaked again.

But a nice coffee soon fixed that. I watched Patric Stewart in who do you think you are. Most interesting.


Been quiet the past few days. Today we have been spending a few bob on ebay getting  xmas presents and some new clothes. I am free of the Calendar project now its all done. I need a new project now to get me going again. I took some photos on my new phone yesterday for mavis, but they  didnt all come out. So this morning Ive been clicking away at anything and they have all come out so I dont know what went wrong. She said I should always take my camera because I cant rely on my phone. Its all down to practice .

Ive done a cople of jigsaw puzzles today  that shows how bored I am.




First  post for a few days. I’ve been tied up with  the girls calendar right up to  lunchtime today editing and posting  things. Its been hectic but its all done now.

We have managed to get louis walks in. So he is a happy bunny. Last night as we reached the lane  it was around 9.30 pm quite dark  when  he froze,staring ahead . I tried tugging  but  he wouldn’t move. Then I saw it a rather large Fox across the road who was also froze.

Louis made to move towards it and the fox turned almost upside down and backwards and disappeared in the bushes and was gone. It was bigger than louis with a big bushy tail about  2 feet or more long. A really  nice light brown  in colour.

Dont it make you mad when you buy  on eBay ,wait for it to come ,open it and find it’s not what was advertised. I ordered a spare battery for my new phone. I got one last week but it was not what was advertised so I got a refund. This one said specifically that it was an I9192  that fits the s4.

It  did not slide into the phone and it had 4 contacts  not 3. Oh  …. another  wasted effort. I googled why 4 contacts it  seems its to regulate the temperature so not absolutely needed. I got my  10x glass out and I thought  that if I  scalpled off the lugs It  might just fit. So  I  did just that and gingerly tried to insert it. Wow it fitted. Now do I  chance plugging it in and charging it and maybe mess up the phone. But hey ho here we go. I plugged it in and watched the screen light up it displayed battery  52% and charging ,ok so far I  watched it for over an hour as it gradually charged  to  full and not even warm.

So  I contacted the seller and advised him that his description needs re writing  ,that without my careful scalpel work  it wont fit and not  all his customers would attempt  that. watch this space.


a bit of a nightmare day. first off up at 4.45 to get ready  for our day at Marsden So  1st Louis walk in the dark up the lane .He didn’t like it as it was raining hard. Then at  5.50 am we set off. We  only  covered a few miles in the dark and pouring rain and heavy winds when a ruddy   foreign coach pushed me off the road , he just pulled out of the slip road straight at me. I had a heavy stream of traffic on my off side so I had nowhere to go. mavis was screaming at me as the gap  quickly closed on us. Fortunately I think the white van on my side could see what was happening and pulled over as far as he could  so I managed to squeeze into  the gap. I dont know how I did it. The coach never batted an eyelid just kept coming right over and took my lane. What I called him is unprintable here.. But the remainder of the journey wasnt bad. The day was much as usual. All bloods and tests were done by  9am then we waited until 11 am for the results then we see a doctor. her news was good news so that was a bonus. Then we have to wait until 3.40 for the drug to be made up. That takes 30 mins to infuse and 10 mins to flush and then we can  come home.

Traveling at  60 /65 in the rain and wind when  from nowhere a bloody great  cardboard carton  flew up from under the tanker in front and smacked my windscreen and bounced over the roof. Scary  was not  the only thing. But after all that excitement we made it home around 5.30pm Dog to be walked in the howling wind and driving rain we both got soaked in seconds. Now with  tea done washing up done I am shattered…


lazy day again . Ive been on PC most of today so has Mavis. On the walk roun she said she gets bored  Sundays. Nothing happens. But out of the blue late tis afternoon the doorbell rang it was a friend of hers from Essex. She gave  her a giant pumpkin. mavis called me  to meet her. I was nodding  when the bell rang so I waddled half awake to meet this  friend. But  she must have thought me very rude. because half awake and saying hello to a stranger I didnt have much to say.

I didnt want to  seem rude I hope she wont hold it against me.

Ive been ages filling out on line driver renewal for mavis. But it constantly says not elligable for this service but didnt say why. I kept going over and over the form but each time it was rejected. So I gave up and will ring them in the morning. But later when searching for  something else I came accross her form and guesse what her new licence is still attatched. So  thats why  the form rejected me. You can only  have one licence.

I am getting ear bashed Oh yes its the crap factor sorry  X factor. Where  are the pins for my eyes.

Checking the battery  on my new phone this afternoon it was showing 76% so from its charge yesterday and its been on all day thats not bad.

Normally  I would think about an early night because of an early  start at 4.45  in the morning tomorrow. But  we changed it to Tuesday. So  No early night after all.



IMG_20140517_181721First let me say Mavis thinks I am stark raving mad. Today was Louis exam day. He is a bit nervous. Which is natural, but I’ve reassured him that he will be ok.

Every morning when I take him up the lane on his early morning walk I talk to him about all sorts of things, Recently we have discussed black holes and the singularity.

Life out in the universe and ancient civilizations. So he has a lot to take in. He recently did well in his maths and English exams . He got 5  A  grades so I was pleased. So this morning after a short  revision we set off  . It was a bit damp under foot  but  bright and sunny. Traffic was light. So  I told him  he had 30 minutes to answer  the first 10 questions  from the moment we stepped outside. As usual he trotted ahead. I asked him  all his questions and gave him  time to think about  it. When it was time to turn round and walk back I could see that confident stride.  Tail  was held high and his jaunty  pad with the occasional look back at me showed he was confident of a pass mark.

He leapt through the open door to greet Mavis  again. So  I said have you told mummy  the good news. She said well did you pass baby. I said he has passed with flying colors. Soon he will have to leave home and go to university. He could get his phd.

Now life has settled back a bit. he is asleep after his ordeal but I am sure he has a smile on his face.

Did anyone watch the Great Fire Last night. I was left bored. I expected more. best bit of soap news was that bitch is still locked in her tin box and jay and sam wont be letting her out anytime soon. Now its dingle against dingle.

Later a trip out  and a bit of shopping. We seem to have got out town back now the summer season is closing.

Also  out there walking was  a group  walking a little dog. The young man  with  the dog  was on his phone. ” Yes  Its arranged he is  going to  the re home assessment centre on monday. I have not told my little girl yet. I dont want to do it but I have to.”

Thats all I heard but how sorry I felt for that little dog padding along in oblivion that in a few days time it will be dumped into  a new home . What we put our pets through. I just thought it was appropriate today after louis graduated.images