Yesterday was a quiet day. I did  write a post but it was hardly worth pressing the post button so I didnt.

Apart from our daily  stint at the park its been another quiet one. i am still doing my BP checks and in the 10 days since the nurse said mine was over 200 my worst was 156 and the best 121. So i am still  confused over her reading. I wont be checking it  over the next few days. Although tomorrows may  jump a bit when I have to leave louis in the kennels . Thats hard. Then we have about a 3 and a half hour  journey. For mavis to  talk at Leicester.

Blast my mouse has just packed up .Its gone mad. It shows a little eye and without touching it. It loads about 50  pages. but you cant click on anything its not working. Will have to go. Something needs sorting lol.


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