Whew! what a weekend. It started on Friday, we had to get louis to the Kennels. Not  exactly a happy time for us. We were sad at leaving him  there watching his surprised little face as we left him in the cage and closed him inside. I couldn’t look I just turned and left.

Now because we were  done earlier than planned it meant we could get an earlier train, We had a Taxi booked for 1030. So I phoned  and asked  to bring forward. We met our train it was the fast to St Pancras. We had quite a walk in the station  at St Pancras to get  our next train to Leicester. After  finding  directions and platform number it was a mad dash up in lifts up escalators across bridges down lifts  and at last  there it was. Only problem we only had minutes  to  get on  and all the coaches this end were 1st Class. I saw the guard with his flag raised so I said to mavis just get on it we will walk up the train. So  we jumped in the next open door and made our way squeezing  and dragging our way along. We  found 2 seats and just dropped into them. Jolt we are off and does it pick up speed so fast. Now I was panicking, were we  in the first class  section?. But  later the tickets were checked without comment so no we must be i the right bit. We relaxed . Mavis was due to  give her  first speech at 2pm   but as we caught the earlier train it meant we will arrive at 1 pm. We got a taxi to the Hotel. At reception  we said can we book in later as we are due in the conference room. No Problems they said. Next we found the conference room and walked in where we were greeted with hugs from Liz the organiser. Its lunch time she said just make yourself comfortable and help yourself to  refreshments.

Mavis gave her speech which went down well. Then she said well that’s my talk  done now I have a surprise for you. Ray is going to say a few words to  say what life is like from a carers point of view. I said hello , you all look surprised ,you were not expecting this were you?  no the grinned. I said neither  was I, as it was only late last night when Mavis told me. But much to my surprise. These lovely nurses  were all congratulating me. We don’t normally get the other side views its normally  the patients not a carers.

After that all  wrapped up  we had an hour  or so to get ready as an evening meal was arranged at a very posh Italian restaurant . We finally crawled into bed about 11 pm at least I did Mavis went on with the girls for a  nightcap. I left the hotel  room door on the latch for her.

Next it was up  for an early breakfast and off  for a day of presentations and during the short breaks throughout the day ,meet up with  old faces and get introduced to new ones. Some absent friends and new ones made. At the end of the day most  were  off home but a few like us were staying  one more night. So  after I managed a power nap  it was time to change for another evening meal. After which we sat chatting and having a laugh untill  late and then off to bed.

This morning started with a shock. Mavis was up and showered while I was still in the land of nod. When There was a Knocking on the room door. That woke me up but mavis was already opening it.2 policemen were there. Sophie they said? No Not  here Your not Sophie no I am Mavis she said. Oh Ok we must have a wrong  number and they left.

We asked at reception what was going on , but they were no wiser than we were. So by now I am up and getting ready  for breakfast. We said our goodbyes to  the remaining friends and booked out . It was only a 5 minute stroll  up the road to the station , the sun was shinning so It was pleasant. We had a short wait for the train. But that was the beginning of a really bad journey home. It was not the fast train to St Pancras. But  on arrival  there we made our way to Platform 11 the guy said its only to Gravesend then a bus service. The bus was old smelly and noisy. It went through Gravesend, Strood , Rochester,Chatham and ended at Gillingham  next a train the last bit home. But at Gillingham  we were on the wrong platform so it was trek again up lifts across bridges and down lifts as we stepped out  of the lift the staff shouted across OK we are holding the train for you. (They could see an old codger) that’s me struggling. We jumped into the first open doorway and the whistle blew and off again shattered we sat back the last few stops to home..But to add insult to injury the next stop the train divides and we were in the wrong half so off we got once more trudging up to the front of the train, they didnt tell us that at Gillingham. At last a  Taxi  to home. Mavis said shall we take the car and find somewhere to eat. Ok so we set off . I wasnt feeling that  hungry. But OK  we parked  up walked in and I said can you squeeze 2 more in . They found us a nice table . We couldn’t decide what to  eat. When Mavis said how about that. It’s a rack of pork and fries. Ok. we Ordered a drink  while waiting. Wow! When it arrived she said is there anything else I can get you. I blurted out Yes a bloody big doggy bag. The Board was covered with  ribs and loads of  sauces and fries. . WE were  amazed that we actually ate it all up. Would you like a sweet she asked us. No just the bill I said I  couldn’t even eat  the bill  we are so full. We waddled across the car park and made it home. Up early tomorrow to get to the kennels before they open to  collect Louis. Can wait to  cuddle our Baby again..

Thats our

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