How could I have forgotten to say in yesterday’s post the most important historic news.  I was talking to  the Prof after the meeting  on Friday and he was saying what fantastic news it was for Mavis.  We are all proud of her he said. Yes to be the first woman in the UK with this shrinkage on imunatheraphy is brilliant I said.  No he said in the World.  No the UK we were told  I said.  He said In the World. So many people are waiting the results  of her  trial . So much depends on it and not all of them have access to  these fantastic results. My head was spinning 1st woman in the world is so unbelievable.

But he had to dash off and left me dangling with those thoughts  rushing round in my  head. I  found Mavis chatting and when she  finished I told her what  he had  just said. The look on her face must have been  the same as mine. Disbelief. It is so  shattering news. That set us up for the weekend nothing could top that could it.

Well after thinking about him constantly all weekend it was up early and get ready to  go and collect louis from the kennels . The  keeper said he has been a really good dog. So Clean. he has played ball with the girls and walked with them. but he has not eaten. They tried to hand feed him but no way. We said we have had 7 years of his eating habbits. But when we walked round to the little  cage he was in , as soon as he saw mavis he went balistic. Then he saw me . He didnt know whether to jump up to mummy or get at me through the wire. They  couldnt control him to put his harness on, he was so pleased to see us. How good was that. He was barking and jumping about like a lune. The girls said he had not barked once all weekend.

But he is home now he has checked out the garden and his toy box  jumped on the bed to check it out he has had a drink and picked at some food. But he just lays by  our feet not too far away. If either of us moves he is up and ready to follow, no way does he want to be left again.

Ive been trying to upload mavis leicester video. I let it run over night as it said 3 hours to upload. This morning when I checked it. It said sorry this is rejected as  to large. So i  ran it through a program to reduce or compress it. So another  180 minutes waiting waiting. Still after all that waiting rejected still to large. all day and 2 more attempts failed. I  found that if I re register my youtube account I can upload large files. So  had to go through all that rim ma roll of getting a audio message on my phone to get a pin number. With all that done Last attempt another 180 minutes but at last it worked. So Ive not done much else because I was afraid to touch the screen because halfway through a 180 minute upload I clicked close on a program I was in and it all closed and also the youtube upload so I had to start again. There has been a few choice words bandied about I can tell you.


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