Up early  and out for a Patient  rep  meeting. It was a slow trip to Maidstone traffic was crawling. But  we made it in time. parking meters were not taking notes or cards. So it was dig deep for change. I put my  pound coins in and a pounds worth of 20p. But the machine insisted it wanted another 20p so I put one in No it still wanted 20p  mavis was asking me from behind if I could help a lady with change whilst I am in the middle of a crisis over 20 bloody p. but still it wanted another 20p so in frustration I punched and thumped the stupid machine. not untill I had fed the hungry git with  my last 20p did it finally accept I paid my share.

I had an email confirmation my new phone was being delivered today. Blast we wont be here to sign  for it .It’s not  supposed to be here untill thursday , the tracking number they gave me isn’t recognised and its now late afternoon and it’s not here so I don’t know whats what.

Its not my day really ,as I stepped out of the car my Tablet slid out of my pocket and bounced on the car park. It now has a few scars . How I hate imperfections. But it still works so  that’s about as good as it gets.

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