a bit of a nightmare day. first off up at 4.45 to get ready  for our day at Marsden So  1st Louis walk in the dark up the lane .He didn’t like it as it was raining hard. Then at  5.50 am we set off. We  only  covered a few miles in the dark and pouring rain and heavy winds when a ruddy   foreign coach pushed me off the road , he just pulled out of the slip road straight at me. I had a heavy stream of traffic on my off side so I had nowhere to go. mavis was screaming at me as the gap  quickly closed on us. Fortunately I think the white van on my side could see what was happening and pulled over as far as he could  so I managed to squeeze into  the gap. I dont know how I did it. The coach never batted an eyelid just kept coming right over and took my lane. What I called him is unprintable here.. But the remainder of the journey wasnt bad. The day was much as usual. All bloods and tests were done by  9am then we waited until 11 am for the results then we see a doctor. her news was good news so that was a bonus. Then we have to wait until 3.40 for the drug to be made up. That takes 30 mins to infuse and 10 mins to flush and then we can  come home.

Traveling at  60 /65 in the rain and wind when  from nowhere a bloody great  cardboard carton  flew up from under the tanker in front and smacked my windscreen and bounced over the roof. Scary  was not  the only thing. But after all that excitement we made it home around 5.30pm Dog to be walked in the howling wind and driving rain we both got soaked in seconds. Now with  tea done washing up done I am shattered…


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