Quiet day. Laid in until 9 am brilliant. Maves cough was a lot better during the night so maybe its on the mend.

Got the laptop out today from  under my desk. Err! Battery flat as a pancake. I used to take it  camping  but it was a bit cumbersome.

Its easier to take the nexus but that’s not as useful they are a bit limited compared.

We didnt do the round walk with Louis ,instead we walked round the park. I get to lay in tomorrow then  its Marsden Tuesday up at 4.30am Its so  dark and fresh and lately wet that time in the morning.

I  was ebaying for batts for my pedometer. £6.90. A Joke. Further searching I got 2 new pedometers for £2.89. How crazy is that.



Funny ole day today. My back has not improved now in over a week. Hobbling round like an old man. Err! wait on, I am an old man.

Tidied up my area in the Den. Searched ebay ,like you do. I was looking for wheel trims. But  time I weigh it up with post its as cheap to  nip round to Halfords.

Not a lot of sleep again last night. Mavis1s cough is horrendous. I was laying there counting the seconds between coughs it averaged a count of 20 seconds cough 20 seconds cough this went on for hours. Cant wait for tonight. But I have a secret remedy  if it starts again. WE have just been to the chemist  to get some more  mixture. So wait and see. ……….


I didnt post yesterday ,too much on. We were at a Lions sponsored Fashion Show which mavis was asked to attend. So we arrived early plied with tea coffee and wine, all very nice. Set up a stall where Mave put  lots of info on mesothelioma and asbestos related items. her Book and our Calendar. She did sell ,but not what she hoped for.

I was unsure what the evening would bring, But Mavis was presented with a cheque for a Thousand Pounds  for mesothelioma uk. Very much appreciated. The fashion show was brilliant. One of the ladies on the show was an ex dancer at the the windmill theatre in London. She was so funny for me she made the show, I ended up enjoying it. We met  some of maves contacts and friends . Quite a few were interested in  her table display.20141126_184736DSCF9524

So it ended an enjoyable evening. So far today Ive walked louis in the rain. And been up the post office to  post  a few parcels.


Early start again. We had to go to  another conference. We set off at  8 am  after getting lost we arrived at 9 am. The venue was Chatham maritime.

My old work place I served my apprenticeship  there  back in 1953. We had to ask directions from a security  man as we pulled up outside number 7 slip. I said to  him its over 57  years since I worked in there. He aid I think my dad worked here then. But he directed us  to  the venu which was in a new are that didn’t exist  then.

It has been the best most informative conference That Ive attended. I have learn a lot today.

They supplied us with a nice lunch and coffe and tea. It was dark  when we left. I hate  night driving. We came up to a  junction which was unlit and looked like a pile of rubble in the road I could not see where to go. Mavis was shouting over over over but I was lost and took the wrong over and we ended up in a car park. But a turn round and we found  the right  way we were going to go shopping but Mavis said she was tired  so that pleasure I have tomorrow.


What a hectic few days we had. It started Thursday. I took louis out  early,because we were off to Plymouth for a few days. But  on walking past my Van I could see it had a flat tyre. Rear near side. Now is it coincidence that this is not the first time. i tried  pumping it up and it went up ok. But as soon as I moved the valve it hissed and went down. My suspicions were confirmed the valve had gone. Our  journey was going to be delayed. A call to the AA  was needed. They arrived promptly within half hour. Your valve is split in half he said. Now as the van has been standing since early September with no trouble its odd  that I check it every day and all tyres are up. Then overnighte it suddenly  develops a split valve. After AA man changed my spare wheel it was all in and off to the local garage for a new valve. The guy  that did it was not a happy bunny when I asked him to refit it in the cradle underneath. UNDERNEATH he questioned. Yes please underneath. So  he had to drive the van into the giant empty  garage space. Big enough to get at least 20  buses parked in. his face was red as a post box as he huffed and puffed. But with all that sorted we set off  on the first leg of our weekend . Stopping over at our sons as he was going to dog sit louis for us.

We had a nice evening meal and chatting  . Next morning Friday we got a Taxi to Station for the 3 and a half hour train  ride. We arrived and met Angy in the front of the station so we Taxied back to the Hotel booked in and settled  in for the weekend party.

We went for an evening meal  locally and back to hotel for a few Jars. Up early Saturday for a full English and a walk round the Harbour in the sunshine. On the way I  took some photos keeping my camera in my hand until we got back when I  went to put it in its case I could see I had not  closed it earlier and my spare recharged batteries has fallen out on our walkabout. That would cause a few problems later at the party with not enough power left to  use flash so  what pics i did take were mostly crap. But then i am not David Bailey?

then we had a PRINCESS in  Angys room, If like me you don’t know what a Princess is it’s a UNIT term for a Buffet. Then Off  more Taxis to the party. I think the party went well. Back to the hotel for a nightcap and bed about 1 am. Up early Sunday another full English and then off to the Station for a 3 hour  freezing cold ride to reading A man complained to the guard that there was no heating , who said yes its on but they have the windows open  further up the train. Total Rubbish as none of the windows opened in our carriage and the doors at each end were also closed. Anyway  we got off at reading to meet our son. Outside in the drizzle and cold he was not about. A call  told me he was 20 mins away stuck in Traffic.

Next the fun started. Hello Dad where are you  my daughter in law phoned. Outside the main entrance. So am i but I can’t see you. It turned out she was at the north side and we on south. A bit later ring ring hello dad where are you now. Same place I said. But we can’t see you. Then began a game of what can you see near you.

Next I am talking to a female voice with an Essex accent which confused me but hey ho what is in front of you? Bla Bla Bla. face the building whats on your right ?  and so it went on. Move across the road she said. So  dodging Taxis and busses I walked accross the square. Is that you  in a red coat came the Essex voice. Yes that’s me. Look to your Right we are waving at you. Ah! in the distance high up on the station steps I  see 2 people waving. At last we unite she said I had to ask a lady from the station staff to  direct you. Oh well alls well  that ends well. Wheres the car its a walk from here as nowhere to park. We found the car   Terry was not in a good mood. It’s a mad traffic jam we took 1 and a half hours to travel just over a mile its horrendous and its pouring down. Ok  so are we going Shopping as planned. No we aint he said Oh dear not a happy bunny . So we headed off home. How has Louis been I asked. Then we got the full story. basically louis been excellent no trouble except he does not sleep he walks about all night looking for  you 2. And we hear his nails clatting on our hard floor. Another evening meal and I must confess an early night was in order.

Today we set off for home. The 2 hour Journey was OK we made good time. Now it’s that time to catch up on washing  emails and any odd things.


It was up at 5am and walk louis  up the lane with  a torch. back for  cup of tea  and get ready to leave at 6am. Journey up was OK. Mavis was first  in  at 8.30 for bloods. We thought wow this is good we might get home early. But  No such luck. we sit around scratching our backsides until 10 to 11 to see the Doctor. Another new one. But he was good ,gave mavis a  good  examination. But we were worried that because of her chesty cough they might stop  the drug today. But he was satisfied that it was in the upper area and not congested in the bottom of the lung . so That was a relief. He prescribed some medicine  to  clear out the mucus so that she will feel better. After that we walked down to get a coffee and a bun. Because we now have to wait for Doctor to approve Blood results are good to go.  Then we make our way back to the waiting area. Where we both  fell asleep. But  wow the drug was ready at half one  Great I thought 30 mins infusion 10 min flush we could be on the motorway before 2.20pm. Nope mavis had to have more blood tests , she appeared back  at 2.45. We  got out of the car park just after 3 pm and home at a bit after 4.30,which was early for us. I really missed louis today as we hit the motorway I  called out  LOUIS Daddy is  coming home. Mavis said Silly Sod. I said I am sure he heard me. When we opened the front door he went ballistic running all over the place. He was pleased to see us. My  neighbour called me  as I came back with Louis. I have a parcel for you. We played a guessing game as what it was. Its Mavis Xmas present. But  later when I opened it OH NO. It was not what I ordered. So a quick email to  Amazon to complain. Waiting for reply


What a difference a day makes.Thats the title of my book. But its true mavis today looks a 100 times better . Still got  a cough but  not so often.

We had to pop out for a few bits but it was pretty dark and miserable out. Damp and overcast. We havent d one much else. I watched a couple of hours on  chnl 5 about  OCEANS. Interesting.  I cant believe its Monday tomorrow. Dont know where the days go.

Hopefully she will be well over it by Tuesdays Drug Day.

Just another  quiet day today.