Wednesday Morning

No Post yesterday I was too tired  after Marsden. Another 11 hour day there and back. But the results are worth every single yard of the journey. The doc called us in early for a change . All smiles he said well its more good news. Your scan shows even mote significant shrinkage. I thought Id give you that before we begin today. Well done that’s fantastic news. Mave asked how much he said they have a meeting today to discuss it but it’s not been measured yes but  it’s obviously visibly  shrunk without measuring it.

After  a further chat and an examination we left. Now the long wait begins we arrived just after 7.15am  bloods were done by 8.30 into the docs at 10am. It takes until 1 pm to  get the ok on bloods and approval for the drug to be made up. Then it takes 3 hours for that so eventually we were all done and left around 4 ish. Journey home was good except we were about 3/4 of the way home and my petrol gauge warning popped on. OH dear I said that’s worrying. My  gauge still shows enough to get home. We had past clacket s service and it was quite a way home. I  slowed up and tried to keep it to  under 60 to save  fuel the needle hardly moved in 20 odd miles I thought no worries we will make it. But it suddenly turned awkward when the needle settles on empty with the light still on I was panicking. Nearest garage is about 15 miles or more and its right at the top of one of the longest steepest hills around, With heart in mouth I  continued. I  can see the valley ahead getting closer. At last  we reached the bottom of the hill . I said I must stay in the slow lane in case going uphill i  run out and stop. With  heart in mouth I reached the  top of the hill but I forgot the garage is on the other side on the down hill bit so I still had a way to go. Funny how you do the journey every week and you never notice little things that you take for granted. But someone was on my side I  drove into the pumps with a sigh of relief. Filled up at last. I wont do that again I must ensure the gauge reads higher in future before I leave. Thats only the second time I’ve done that since I stared driving in 1956 so it’s not bad really. But with maves fantastic news it didn’t spoil the day. But  After our late lunch I fell asleep  on  settee woke up to do washing up did a bit on  PC and went to bed after walking louis early. I knew nothing until 8;30  this morning.


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