As you know new cars don’t come with spare wheels anymore. I found from my local dealer a wheel and tyre is £160.00 So as you do I trawled eBay. A few sites advertising £60  or close but  in the small print that’s just a rim no Tyre. Or they are whats called space savers. Not what I wanted.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. I found a dealer with  one complete and  new not  from parts dismantled. for £99.95 and free delivery. Good ole ebay.

Stupid remote on my  TV has stopped working. Does that mean a walk  each time to change channels. No I dont think so  a new TV  first I think.

We got to go  all the way to St Georges at Tooting for a blood test how stupid is that in this day and age .


2 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Ray, there are plenty of remote controls on the market, that can be programmed to operate your TV, without going out and buying a new TV.

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