Been a day of tidying  up and getting things ready for maves London  Conference tomorrow. We will be on the High Speed Train to St Pancras.

Down Loaded a neat little software program. That will give me something to play with.

It’s certainly been wet and windy. walking Louis this morning  when most of the lane was flooded. For a change the passing cars could see it and slowed up a bit before steaming through.

The Light went out on our fire today. So  I decided to replace it. No go,it turned out to be a halogen type. But trying to read what it was ,was hard as most of the tiny  numbers were  worn off. A hunt  in eBay nothing. A search of amazon was better I  found one that looked like it  but it was only 120v so a careful recheck on the bulb I could piece together bits to guess it was 240v as I could see .. .4.v so a further search turned up a G9 240v 25w. So another scrutiny and I  made  most of it fit so I’ve ordered a pack. I hope when it comes it’s the right one.


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