Wow what night. mave went to bed early because she wasnt to well. After I walked louis at 9 I turned out all the lights   and went to bed. too. Mave was nodding  but the TV was on so i watched both  the TV and her. Well she started coughing wheezing whistling and gasping for air. This went on untill  past 2 am . I couldn’t sleep . Each time I drifted off she would sit up hang out the bed coughing  and gasping for air. The  rumbly and gurgling  noise from her chest was unbelievable. I  began to panic a bit. i sat up  as well but  apart from watch her not much I could do to ease her. I began to  worry  ,was this  cough  turning into something worse.

This is by far the worst I have seen her in 55 years. She is bad. Do I  phone for an ambulance ??? A right dilemma. But  she finally climbed back in bed still coughing. Do you  want a drink I asked No she didn’t. So as she settled back into snoring wheezing gurgling mode I sat up watching her. I remember  the last time I checked the time it was 2:30 am after that I must have dropped off. next thing I was awake to hear her all over again. I got up to  go to the bathroom all thoughts of sleep gone now. But about  20 mins of coughing again she settled back . I  don’t remember much until about 8 am she was up and working on her PC.  How are you  ? Shattered she said. But how is the chest? Not too bad. Now during the morning  we have sporadic coughing fits but  nothing like last night.

I  just hope the worst is over. Keep taking the medicine. Watch this space.


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