Early start again. We had to go to  another conference. We set off at  8 am  after getting lost we arrived at 9 am. The venue was Chatham maritime.

My old work place I served my apprenticeship  there  back in 1953. We had to ask directions from a security  man as we pulled up outside number 7 slip. I said to  him its over 57  years since I worked in there. He aid I think my dad worked here then. But he directed us  to  the venu which was in a new are that didn’t exist  then.

It has been the best most informative conference That Ive attended. I have learn a lot today.

They supplied us with a nice lunch and coffe and tea. It was dark  when we left. I hate  night driving. We came up to a  junction which was unlit and looked like a pile of rubble in the road I could not see where to go. Mavis was shouting over over over but I was lost and took the wrong over and we ended up in a car park. But a turn round and we found  the right  way we were going to go shopping but Mavis said she was tired  so that pleasure I have tomorrow.


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