Ive been pottering today. With louis walk out the way I had a job to do in  kitchen .One of the tiles on the worktop got  damaged sometime ago. I decided to attempt a repair. Not having any replacement tiles.

I carefully removed the moulding on the front edge. And with a long blade knife I eased out the 2 broken bits. I  think I can refit them . So with the edge moulding cleaned of grout I set  too I inserted a large portion of grout into the space and carefully replaced the broken bits. With a lot of care I reseated them .After a couple of hours I  inspected my work. I  attempted to clean up  around the bits when OH nO  they had not set and came away again. So I mixed up more and started over. About an hour later mavis said how much longer? I checked it and disaster still not set. I  hunted my shed for a fresh  box of filler. So for a 3rd Time reset the bits. An hour later At last it was set enough to gently clean the edges and time to replace the front moulding. With that  done It was time for evening meal.After I had done washing up  I gingerly attempted to  clean away all the surplus filler. AH! Not perfect but a reasonable repair. So its mission accomplished.

We have an invite to my next door neighbors new years eve drinks. We will go round later I hate new years party’s. But an invite is an invite.


we left home at 10 to 6 this morning. Took a while to scrape ice off the car. But set off on tenter hooks. But the roads were  fine and almost empty roads. We did lose it on an icy patch entering the M26 but after that no problems. WE arrived at  Marsden at 7.30. The best time ever but far to early. but  come 8.30  the sister came out to  see us. Got bad news ,she said. You dont have an appointment for today. Oh yes we do Mave said we have one every 2nd Tuesday. It’s in my diary. The sister said you have a scan on friday booked and your appointment has been moved to Friday. Well no one has told me Mave said.

Sister said we are on short staff  due to  Christmas leave. But I will  make a call to pharmacy  and ask if they can make your drug today. So we had to wait till after 9 am for an answer.

When sister came back she said OK we can go ahead and do Bloods but  bear in mind we are running Late. We asked what about the scan on Friday? I’ll make another call in a minute she said. She got the tray of stuff ready to  take bloods. She made a call to CT scan department. She said to Mavis. If you run round to ct dept they will do your scan now but you must hurry, we got out of there like a shot. Leave your coat she said and hurry back and we will do bloods. So we set off  getting across the other side of the hospital ,in and out of lifts. We arrived at CT Dept. hello  you are going to fit me in now mave said to receptionist. After what seemed ages while she searched her screen. She said you are not due until  Friday. We know but I’ve been sent here  now. You better speak to sister in Oak ward we said. The call confirmed it. No one told me she said they must tell me I didn’t know about. It was a waste explaining it all over again we just stared at her. Finally she said OK  we dashed along more corridors to reach waiting area. as we passed the nurse station Mavis said I am mavis nye and have been sent  here. Take a seat was the reply. So we did. Shortly  we got the call we were then escorted back down the stairs to sit in  scan waiting room. The nurse came out Mavis  she called out and in she went. We then had to dash all the way back across the hospital again. As we entered the ward  sister said Ok  your back  right  take a chair  we can do bloods now.  As that was done we got up to  go and sit in the waiting room. usually a couple of hours to see the doctor. But as we reached the door the doctor was standing there right come with me she said  and we were whisked in  with her. Everything was rattling along faster than it  usually does. We  went back to the waiting room and then down to the cafe for a coffee.

We sat about  untill I got a call from Terry I am outside he said. We had arranged to  go for a bite to eat. So I reluctantly left Mavis , because it will  take about 4 hours to prepare the drug that’s normal. After the  trip out we got back about 2.30  and mavis was still waiting. Terry left  to go back home and we waited. Around 3 pm we were called in for the drug. We actually left the hospital about  4 pm and arrived home around quarter to 6. Shattered. What a day!


i didnt sleep much last night. Up  early well early for me. Louis was walked just after 9 am . The lane was bad .  Thick  Ice everywhere it was awkward  walking ,so slippery.

But I have things to do. First job assemble the  bathroom cabinet flat pack.  Next remove the old cabinet. i was hunting for rawl plugs  but eventually found some in my shed. Time to  mark up , drill, insert  plugs and  to  hang cabinet and screw it on. Next  fit the heavy mirror door. Clean up  my mess.

A cup of tea is called for before next job.

Now its  time to  fit the slat blind over the sink. But I have to remove pelmet and curtains. And remove the roller blind.

After  that old addage measure twice drill once I fitted the first piece. Then a quick check before fitting the second piece. With both  cradles screwed in place  it was easy to  slip the blind in place before closing the little retainers. After a few mins sorting  and adjusting the drop lengths . It was time to refit the pelmet and curtains.

Wow! Job done. I have been a busy boy fitted new toilet seat  last evening. Whats next I ask myself.

Nothing tomorrow as its early day up for Marsden.


I tried a simple job  today but failed miserably. I bought a pack of Tap washers. The kitchen tap drips. AH! easy peasy I can do that. Water off tool box open in seconds I had the tap tops off. undo  circlip . Spanner on  valve. Heave  heave pull pull  heave heave . WOW! the whole tap  is turning . I couldn’t budge it. I was afraid If I put anymore  weight on it I could snap the tap  from under the sink . Then we would have problems because I don’t have that funny tool to get up behind the bowl. So  I had to put it all back together and admit defeat. Time to call the Plumber me thinks.

Next a trip to B and Q. A new Blind for the Kitchen a new toilet seat a new bathroom cabinet  new bulbs for my spots and new lamps for  oven .

But  back home Oh dear blind is about 8 inches to  narrow. So back to B and Q to exchange it .

i have now fitted all the Bulbs and fitted the new toilet seat. Tomorrow its assemble the flat pack cabinet  and replace the old one.

never a dull moment.


Home again after a Christmas away with Terry. He had  that  virus so he has not been on form. On  Boxing day we went to the 02 to see Disney on ice. Then afetr a brazillian meal . The weather was not so good. But at least we didnt have snow. Louis  enjoyed himself he has been deer stalking as  Terrys back  Garden backs onto the woods and he gets deer in the garden a lot. It was a job to keep louis in doors he was constantly whingeing to get out.

But all good things come to an end and we arrived home at  touching 3 pm. We turned off  all the heating when we went and coming in today it was freezing we put   heating on max to warm it up. Weve had a late dinner and Mavis is at this moment nodding in her chair. So I wont disturb her by doing washing up yet. Ill do it when she wakes up.

Weve had a nice christmas and we hope you all have also.


last minute getting bits together for christmas. Bits on charge. little piles of  must remember that.

Out with louis to post a letter. wow its cold out.

I think I am just about ready. Shame about Joe Cocker sad. Its always around Christmas time.


It was that time again when mavis handed me a load of  cards. We need to  go  door to door and post these she said. Oh Ok  are you  posting them. No you are she said I will have louis wont I. So  off we went. Now all posted my duty done.

I had to give Dave our neighbor one of our Callendars  with the instructions not to open it  until Christmas. He grinned and said OK  as If he knew what  it was. i will wave it  at her everyday he said. He has put it in his window to  show her he has not opened it.