I just could not sleep last night. Up at 2 am side awake laid in until 4 am checked mavis was also awake. But  I finalyy got out of bed at  4.45 am  All toiletries done by 5.15. Dressed and walked louis up the lane back in at 5 to 6 all set so we set off for marsden. Coughing in the early cold air. It was pitch black untill we hit the M25 50 mins later. By then dawn was breaking we arived at Marsden at a little before 8 am. we  went and got a coffee before  booking in. At 8.30  Mavis was called in for  bloods and usual tests. At around 10 30  we were called in to the Doctors. Great all is running early ,we might get home by 6 pm if we are lucky.

The doctor was more than happy with  maves results all we do now is wait for  drug to arrive. We went and bought a coffee and a bun and sat chating. We mooched about untill 10 to 2 pm when the drug finally was ready. At 3 pm we were free to go. Journey home was not to bad in  torential rain we got home around 4 ,45 Another long day over. As  said when talking to the reception the day is hard on getting up early and the drive in and out,but  just to have mavis getting better ,its worth every strugling minute.


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