My second new leisure battery  came . So now I have 2 new batteries and one that  I bought last year inthe van Hopefully power problems will  disappear for a while. Just got to change the gas bottle that came  earlier and we are all set for christmas.

The new tv seems to be OK getting used to the bigger size. The batteries in the indoor and outdoor weather station were dead today so  replaced them now. It seems this wek is everything  is going down. Even 2 spot lights over the sink have blown. I dont know  whats next?????

Just had one of those calls Trying to get me to reinstate my boiler cover. They dont understand do they when you say NO THANK YOU. I cancelled it before  because like most insurances when you  make a claim  almost everything is not covered.. When we couldn’t claim  last time we had a boiler problem. I worked out that i could have a new boiler fitted for the amount I had paid in useless premiums so that’s what we did.  Doing that I  could have saved £200  if I had saved my premiums.

She was insistent that when I said No thanks if my boiler  needs it I would replace it. Don’t you think you would be better off with our insurance protection scheme. i said NO Thank you. Finally she got the message. If I wanted cover I would have sought cover wouldn’t I.


I unpacked my new battery tidied up  mounds of packing  took it down the skip. Hoovered up all the bubbles. Then put the battery on the trolly and took it down to the van. In about 10 mins it was wired in ,stored and mess cleared ,tools packed away. I checked the meter. YES` just under 13 volts. Great. A good result. Just got to  change the gas bottle, but  maybe tomorrows job.


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