11 o’clock  the man said and 11 o’clock on the dot  he arrived. Morning  come to look at your fire he said.  Ah its a trauma he said. I thought you said it was a carver. Yes I did. Why I thought it was a carver I don’t know. Who fitted the front  he said. AS he removed  it. These were always a bad design he unplugged the electrics ,which I didn’t know  you could do. He whipped off the Knob and tossed the front on the seat. He lit the fire first time. Nothing wrong with that he said. What about the flame I said. Perfect  nothing wrong with that either. he turned it up . It’s a nice little fire he said it is chucking out  a fair heat. So whats wrong with it he asked. It doesn’t ignite  I said. Well it did for me. So he turned it off. let it flame out and re lit it first time again. he said it lights ok. the flames ok the output is ok. apart from the cover all its functions are fine. I was feeling a  little happier  by now. The fittings on this cover are well and truly mangled  he said. Who screwed it on like this. I said a friend. He said well he is no friend of yours is he. i can sort it if you want me to. Yes please I said. So  he set too  and drilled some holes in it. repositioned it and screwed it back in place. I’ve not seen it fit that well since I bought it I told him. Well it is tight now and wont rattle. With that all back and sorted I paid him. He took a walk round the van and asked where is the cover for the heater ? I don’t think I’ve seen one. You need to get one . I said I have a funny shaped  box thing  under the seat . Go get it. I found it  and he said yes that’s it ,He snapped it into place for me. And that was that all sorted.

After lunch Mavis  brother came with Xmas presents. So we spent a couple of hrs catching up on  news. Also my  long time Army pal was on the phone. He has not been too well  recently but is on the mend now. Us old codgers got to stick together.


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