Marsden . It was dark when we set off  around 10 to 6 this morning . Roads were good with the predictable  problems at clackets lane.

But  we arrived around 1/4 to 8 parked up and made our way up to the ward. Booked in and made our  way to the waiting area. *.30 mavis was called in to start bloods . back in waiting room to just wait. around 10 am we are called in to se the Doctor. After a brief examination and the usual  questions we are all set  for the drug. Around 11 am we are told all bloods are ok and its been confirmed  drug can be made up. This usually means a wait   untill about  2.30 / 3 pm. We took a bleeper and went down for a coffee and a bun. After which  we went back to the waiting  room  we did a bit of reading magazines and nodding off. At 2.30 we were called in ready for the drug. It will be about half an hour we were told. Well this is nice and early  we could get out of here  just after 3 and home before 5. We sat in the drug chair and watched the clock. come 3 pm mavis left for  a trip to the toilet. The sister came up and asked where she was because she had bad news and would wait for her to come back.

She advised us that there was a major problem in the pharmacy and that our drug was not even started and they could not give an indication when it would be read.

Oh dear it looks like a late night here.

Eventually it arrived at 3.40 pm  but by the time it was flushed and infused it was 4 pm , we left the hospital around 4.30 pm it was dark outside. We hit the M25 in the dark and rush hour traffic it was a painful journey. Several ambulances passed us attending various smack-ups. WE  pulled into our parking bay at  a little after 6pm. I was shattered.


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