I tried a simple job  today but failed miserably. I bought a pack of Tap washers. The kitchen tap drips. AH! easy peasy I can do that. Water off tool box open in seconds I had the tap tops off. undo  circlip . Spanner on  valve. Heave  heave pull pull  heave heave . WOW! the whole tap  is turning . I couldn’t budge it. I was afraid If I put anymore  weight on it I could snap the tap  from under the sink . Then we would have problems because I don’t have that funny tool to get up behind the bowl. So  I had to put it all back together and admit defeat. Time to call the Plumber me thinks.

Next a trip to B and Q. A new Blind for the Kitchen a new toilet seat a new bathroom cabinet  new bulbs for my spots and new lamps for  oven .

But  back home Oh dear blind is about 8 inches to  narrow. So back to B and Q to exchange it .

i have now fitted all the Bulbs and fitted the new toilet seat. Tomorrow its assemble the flat pack cabinet  and replace the old one.

never a dull moment.


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