i didnt sleep much last night. Up  early well early for me. Louis was walked just after 9 am . The lane was bad .  Thick  Ice everywhere it was awkward  walking ,so slippery.

But I have things to do. First job assemble the  bathroom cabinet flat pack.  Next remove the old cabinet. i was hunting for rawl plugs  but eventually found some in my shed. Time to  mark up , drill, insert  plugs and  to  hang cabinet and screw it on. Next  fit the heavy mirror door. Clean up  my mess.

A cup of tea is called for before next job.

Now its  time to  fit the slat blind over the sink. But I have to remove pelmet and curtains. And remove the roller blind.

After  that old addage measure twice drill once I fitted the first piece. Then a quick check before fitting the second piece. With both  cradles screwed in place  it was easy to  slip the blind in place before closing the little retainers. After a few mins sorting  and adjusting the drop lengths . It was time to refit the pelmet and curtains.

Wow! Job done. I have been a busy boy fitted new toilet seat  last evening. Whats next I ask myself.

Nothing tomorrow as its early day up for Marsden.


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