Ive been pottering today. With louis walk out the way I had a job to do in  kitchen .One of the tiles on the worktop got  damaged sometime ago. I decided to attempt a repair. Not having any replacement tiles.

I carefully removed the moulding on the front edge. And with a long blade knife I eased out the 2 broken bits. I  think I can refit them . So with the edge moulding cleaned of grout I set  too I inserted a large portion of grout into the space and carefully replaced the broken bits. With a lot of care I reseated them .After a couple of hours I  inspected my work. I  attempted to clean up  around the bits when OH nO  they had not set and came away again. So I mixed up more and started over. About an hour later mavis said how much longer? I checked it and disaster still not set. I  hunted my shed for a fresh  box of filler. So for a 3rd Time reset the bits. An hour later At last it was set enough to gently clean the edges and time to replace the front moulding. With that  done It was time for evening meal.After I had done washing up  I gingerly attempted to  clean away all the surplus filler. AH! Not perfect but a reasonable repair. So its mission accomplished.

We have an invite to my next door neighbors new years eve drinks. We will go round later I hate new years party’s. But an invite is an invite.


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