IMG_20140517_181721After I came back  with louis this morning he sat in front of me with that quizzical look. I said what  you want louis. He cocked his head on its side. Just like he was listening. I love that look. I said sorry but I don’t know what you want. Water? Nope. Breakfast? Nope still that look. I said If only you were not a dog.

But then I thought what if he does understand me. He might get offended. So I said Dog is just a word louis its a word humans use to describe your  race. But  to me your not just a dog. You are part of the family . You are babes. You are my baby. Just one of us.

I am sure that look changed and I could swear I saw the beginnings of a smile on his little face. With that he got up and walked out to get a drink in the kitchen. Then he flopped on his bed.

Did I imagine all this ? Was it wishful thinking. Or are dogs!” Sorry” our baby’s really  more intelligent than we give them credit.

Or am I the only divo who talks to his D.. baby.


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