Another trip to Marsden. Traffic was good and we arrived at 8 am. Soon  Mavis was called in for routine Blood tests. Then back to the waiting room Around 10am called in to see the Doctor.  As far as the trial  is concerned All is going to plan. Bloods OK Kidney OK . A problem with the water infection so  more creams. Then we went to the canteen for a coffee and a bun. We made our way back to the waiting room . We settled back for  the long wait until the drugs came up. Thats usually about 3 pm. WE read a bit  nodded off a bit  .  With  a surprise call from the nurse. Mavis  we are ready for you now. We were stunned. Mavis said what now. We both looked at our watches. It was 12.30. We said it’s never been this early. But  she went in to start  the drug. I stayed in the waiting room chatting to the man next to me. After an hour I thought  she must be done now. So I toddled in to see her. All done ready  for home. We called in Tesco on the way home Louis needed a chicken and more chews. We were back in doors by 3.30. Never been done before. But at the end of the day all the news was good news thats all that matters. My thoughts kept straying to Alister and his not so good news. but  he has still got  hope for a new trial  later. Good luck to him.


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