Wow! I did it again. Agaist my best advice. Watch what you down load. I got the  message  that I was unable to view a FB vidio ,my  viewer needed updating. So  I clicked the link to update it.

FATAL. Everything went haywire. Whatever I clicked on  was over riden by talking adverts. Then it just got worse. I got the black screen treatment and ages with the  whirly  bit  saying it was updating whatever Its tane me 5 hours of  frustration to  get it back to some semblance of normal. But I am not confident . Everything is so slow. I could willingly Kill the arsehole who  did this to me. From now on If I cant view a FB vidio then  thats it..

I was relaxing after  marsden trip yesterday  but now I am uptight and angry. I could throw this lot out the window.


Hi! Ive had time to  calm down. I walked away  from this and watched a film The Red Beret. Good Film

Next I came back and finished  what I  started yesterday . Updating our

Maves often tells me she cant  one of our vidios. Well now Ive re done all the  vidio links. That should make things better.

Thats about me for now.


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