m n rHome after a strange weekend.

We travelled up on Thursday  to my sons and stayed overnight,we do this because he babysits our louis.

We set off  for the IATP annual dinner on the Friday morning. After a taxi to the station we got  tickets for Sutton Colefield. Journey was uneventful. The  weird bits started from there.

We got another  taxi to the Belfry Hotel. About 15 /20 minutes on. Booked in and made our way  through a maze of corridors. eventually  we reached our room. All very nice and clean. Put the lights on. Ah! one bulb was blown so I set off  to replace it. Sorry Sir but  for health and safety we must send an electrician to replace it.

When he arrived  i said I can’t believe they  sent you to replace a bulb Yes its all health and safety he said. So Mavis pointed to the socket on the wall  that had been pulled out of the wall with bare wire exposed. What about that she said. Oh dear he tried to fix it  and promised to come back but he didn’t.

After we had showered and changed we met up in the lounge with  the girls. Ready for and evening meal together.

Then the real problems set in. 3 of us had steak. Mine  was a sirloin Rare. When it arrived I made a start. with my steak knife I tried cutting it slicing it but I could not cut it. So I asked for it to be re cooked and this time medium. When that came back I attempted to cut it. Slice it  tear it stab it nothing I  could do  would make a difference. It was time to call a halt. Christine who  had the same problem with hers had  walked off  to complain . I didn’t know she was also having trouble. I sought the manager and just mentioned the word steak. he thought I was just backing up Christine’s complaint and went to great lengths to assure me he had done all he could for her. When he stopped and drew breath I  said I am not  here for her complaint I am here to tell you that  the steak served up  was inedible. I said I cannot  even cut it  to taste it. That I am unhappy and want it removed from  our bill. All of which he agreed to do. When  the final bill arrived. Christine said she didn’t want a collective bill that we each wanted our own bills. At that point Yvonne complained about her steak but she had at least eaten it. The manager came up and went round the table checking  what each had ordered. As we were at the end  when he reached us he didn’t  ask us. He simply said i know what you  had its the remainder of the bill. I said I bet  he mucks that up. Sure enough when we got our bills we checked ours and there were lots of things on it that were not ours. So I took issue again. i said you’ve sorted these bills once but mine is still wrong. Whats wrong with it now . I said the items I’ve had are ticked the items not mine ive crossed the items I’ve had that are not here I’ve added. having totaled the bill correctly It come to  £30 because I’ve had nothing. he said so you only intend to pay £30  out of this bill. I said I only intend to pay for what I’ve had nothing more. he grudgingly accepted that.

The meal  on saturday was ok no problems.

Our next nightmare was the journey home. I ordered a taxi. I received a text Your taxi is outside waiting so we made our way outside. No taxi. Angela took my phone and  sorted it. I had asked for a cab from the belfry Golf club and that’s where he went. But we were at the Belfry Hotel. A different location. MY Fault. We arrived at  Sutton colefied station It was freezing cold and blowing a gale. On the platform the arrivals board said a Bus service was on  after 2 stops on the train. Next Angie and Dolcy  arrived. What you still doing here she asked. I said this train only goes 2 stops and then its a bus service to  Birmingham station. We decided to get a taxi. after a long taxi ride we reached Birmingham new Street. Checking the boards we couldn’t find a train to Oxford. So  at the help desk he said next one is in 50 minutes and its a bus service from Leamington spar to Oxford. So  again the train went 2 stops and it was all out again. After humping a ruddy great case up and down escalators and stairs in and out of  Lifts we reached the front. Where staff were shouting Oxford on the Right Banbury on the Left. We got on a coach . At that time we were not aware that we had a 50 mile coach trip to Oxford. All because of a major landslip. At last we arrived at Oxford and waited ages for the train. Which was crowded mavis and I sat in  separate seats.. At last we arrived at Slough and another taxi home to Terry’s. When we walked up there Drive the best thing that happened all weekend was seeing Louis running up to meet us he was jumping up and really excited bless him.

Nicky  instantly  gave us hot tea and cakes and said Roast dinner is in the oven  e  had a lovely  Sunday roast and a few glasses of plonk  We  retired at 10 30 shattered. This morning we were up and out on the road  early the M25 was Good. When we stepped indoors it was cold but heating on Kettle on life is beginning to get  back to normal

There now I’ve bored you all to sleep. Sorry.



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