It’s just like a spring day out side today. I’ve walked louis up the lane stopped and spoken to the white horse who came up to the gate for a stroke. I decided as it was so nice I would pump up my cars tyres. The pump I have is a nightmare setting it up. I get  confused so I was a bit hesitant . But all went well I  connected it up  switched it on set the digital to  PSI and started. It went well and switched itself off when it reached 35. I always look at these low pro tyres and think they all look flat. But  mine were only a couple of  lbs under. I finished that with a long natter with my neighbour.

Tomorrow is Marsden day so I wanted to make sure my tyres were ok. Last thing you need is a flat on the M25 doing 60 mph. Err, 60 that’s a laugh. Often 6 is about top speed. Ruddy Joke.

We have a silly  leak on the condensing pipe  under  the boiler. So I’ve contacted  the plumber. He can do the washers on the  taps while he is here too. I will discuss with him   about a new boiler. Ours is about 5 years old but we have never been happy with it. With  C/H off  it takes ages to run hot water. With C/H on steaming hot water is instant. Thats not right is it.


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