Bit of a shock today. An email reminder  to renew my web page. They  have asked me for 5 times last yeas price. Ive said no way. They are saying that last years was an introductory price. Maybe I will be serfing for a new hosting. I dont mind paying but  being ripped off  is not  funny. i am the kinda guy that will cut off my nose to spite my face before I  submit  to being ripped off.

I see my joke attempt at a blog for louis this morning  was well received. lol.

So  who killed lucy then. In the checkout at Sainsburys today the checkout was joking about  Eastenders being a lot of tot. He was asking  each of us in the que who we thought it was.  When it  got to our turn he took the whole carton of milks and  came round and put it in the trolly. He said to Mavis He doesnt look like he is built like jack capes does he. Cheeky Bugger. But we all had a laugh. Made the whole shopping bit a nice bit of fun.


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