My day started as normal. A tug of war with louis on his walk. But  I won in the end. Just after lunch Mavis brother Martin and his partner Pam came  to  bring me my Birthday Present. He Never Misses a Year Bless him. We chatted for a couple of hours drinking tea and coffee. Louis was his usual  naughty self. He senses that they are both nervous of him and he plays up to that by creeping up on them and barking or sitting in front of them and staring them out. He is a little sod. But I gave martin a bag of dogy  chocs I said feed him these. That did it. Friends for like. Well not quite. All ok untill  its time to leave when they stand up he is off again. I said you think hes bad you should see him when the postman calls he is manic.

I actually watched the voice tonight. HM! i am not sure whats the program. Is it to  watch the singers or is it to watch  the judges being silly.


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