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More Nostalgia. A Francis Barnett 197 Falcon. I had one of these in Black. My First Motor bike. My Parenets Hated it. It caused a lot of friction. I had it for 2 years untill I joined the Army. I sold it and Bought mavis her Engagement Ring. A much better buy me thinks.

Gosh how windy it is today. Most of the things in the garden not screwed down are blown over. Ive uprighted then once but they are all over again. So  thats it untill it  calms down.

The wind has finally dropped this evening  but its raining hard and louis will not venture past the step.


imagesAnother  fresh and windy day. It rained heavy overnight so the lane today was flooded. It brightened up   lunchtime so a trip to the park with louis was in order. Its good to see him running  about  free of his lead.

Now  TV is swamped with  electioneering. I cant vote  when  they  only hint at what each will or wont do. If they cant be honest then no vote from me.








imagesBit more Nostalgia.   Another one of my old motors. I bought one just like this,same colours. I bought it cheap  it needed a bit of work on it.

The chasis neede repair  on the rear off side. I was into Fibreglass at the time so I repaired  it. I think it was stronger  than the rest of the car. It was about this time when the first MOT were made compulsory. I had been driving it about for about 6 months  with no problems. But it failed the mot . They said although it was an excellent repair ,it did not comply. So a word in my local garage a PX was made and he was in a position to sort it .

This was just another one in a line of manny. I must tell the story of the car I bought that belonged to the Cray Twins.


b42Its been a slow day. No Shopping. No long walks. Its been windy again. Up the lane with louis facing the wind was cold it was better  on your back. It was blowing my hood up over my face. Which is dodgy keeping an eye on the speeding cars.

very slowly Louis sulking is getting better. We have had one of our usual  games on the bed . We play tug of war with lots of growling and tugging . He suddenly stopped ,jumped off the bed . Raked back the mat and found his secret stash. He has chews hidden all over the place. So game over. But at last  we are getting there again.



rideI have watched the News about the opening of  Margates Dreamland. Oh what memories that place holds for me.

My Aunt and Uncle had a guesthouse in Margate. It was about 10 mins or less from Dreamland. I spent a couple of holidays there as a teenager. Later when  I met Mavis I had booked a holiday there again and she came down on a coach to  see me. I remember that week so  vividly. I was happy to be on Holliday but  gutted at being away from her for a week. It was unbearable.

I spent  most of my week in Dreamland. I used to go on the stalls that had decent prizes. I think it was unique that 2 of the stalls gave me a prize to get rid of me. It was an extremely lucky time for me. I would buy a ticket on  one stall  where the light stops. The lights would whiz round a big  board and slow down  and stop. The stall holder would call out the winning number and it was me. Time and time again I would win . He leaned over and said If I give you a free prize will you go away and come back later. These people will think its fixed. So I would move onto another one . This one had records on a disc that would spin. When it stopped it played a record. He would call out the name of the record. It was me ,so another prize likewise time and time again I would win. He also told me to go somewhere else. I said I am just lucky. He also gave me a prize to  go away. During that week I one most of my Bottom Draw. I had cutlery sets   Cups and saucers. Pots and Pans bed Linen, I had so much that I had to leave a lot at my Uncles when I came home and I had to go  back again to collect it.

This period of luck  extended to raffles and sweep stakes  work and in my club.  It got so bad people  would when asked to buy tickets would ask has He (me ) bought any tickets. If he has we don’t want any because he will win  them all. This streak lasted  up untill I was called up for  the Army. At that point  my luck changed. Since then  back in the 1960s I’ve hardly ever won a thing.

I noticed on the news today   that an entry charge of £17.50 per adult is made. Back  in my day it was free entry. How times change. At that price I think Dreamland will remain a memory.



louis before.                                                                                                       Louis After

Its a stay at home day today except. I needed a rear  wiper blade so it was off to my local garage Who kindly  fitted it for me FOC.                 Now I know it simply clicks in I will  get next  one on line for half the price. You live and learn. Next it was Shopping for Louis cooked chicken.

I also picked up a new pair of Headphones as I broke mine  this week.

Later we waited for the call to say louis haircut n shampoo mobile was ringing to say they are outside. I put his lead on  he was excited to get out. But a few steps outside he smelt them. That was it. He refused to move he laid down and dug his heels in I had to  drag him he was almost out of his harnes. he tried climbing under parked cars. The lady came over and picked him up carried him to the mobile van popped him inside and another lady picked him up  put him on the table but he was having none of it he was laying  flat on the table  and wrigling to get off and out of the van. But  they closed the wire mesh door and said we will ring you when he is ready. Silly billy.

Oh how he was when I picked him up he was just pulling like mad to get away and headed for home at breakneck speed. One indoors he didnt want to know either of us. A cuddle and some choc drops didnt make a difference. He will come round later.



Inside Covent Garden.

What a day. Up early again quick walk up the lane with louis. Then off  to London. First to Follow up on Yesterdays HSE Media.

Then we met Robert the CEO  of Verastem. He had  wanted to meet the famous Mavis. He had flown in from America and made special effort to catch up with her.

We had a nice little meal in one of the  bistros in Covent Garden.

We were so Cold  in London. We were on and off the Underground and in and out of mainline Stations. When we got on the train  here to leave we entered a carriage full of foreign Students. OH My God what a nightmare. They were all gabbling at once. But  they couldnt do that at a normal level  they were shouting across to each other one had headphones on and was singing. I think she thought she was on stage. After a few stops I turned my aid off. Mavis said are you  alright. NO I said I can’t sit here  with  this bedlam So we got up and moved into another  part of the train. They had no consideration for other passengers. I’ll manered is an understatement. Ignorant is better. When we went in the Bistro the woman in the next table was no better. You could here her in the next  town. She gabbled away  non stop to her friend at full volume. Are all the foreigners like that. Shout all the time.