ajs (1000 x 662)Just a bit of nostalgia today. I bought one of these when we first got married.  Did many happy miles on it until  I upgraded to my Matchless Twin. First off Louis walk. A bit milder today. Next a trip to the Vets. Oh  the panic on louis face. He got close to the vets and he starts he lays down and wont move . He is like a big jelly. Mavis picked him up but  Oh how he wriggles, He is terrified. But the Vet was very good with him. A quick squirt up his nose and while he was snorting that a quick  jab with the needle in his hind and he didn’t even notice it. Thats it half an hour of sheer terror and it was all over in less that 2 mins. It took me longer to pay the bill than the treatment. He is over it now. After lunch it was down to our clinic for maves appointment. Then I walked him around again. Next off to the chemist  for the prescription. Finally home its been a long busy day.


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