minxA bit more nostalgia today. This is a picture of a 1949 Hillman Minx. I had one of these as my First Car. Looking back now it was a bit of a mess. I was happy with it. It had a design fault. The fuel line was shaped and attatched with clips to the cylinder head.

So what hapens to the head after  engine is running? Yes it gets hot. What happens when the fuel pipe gets hot? Yes the fuel  evaporates. Result . Hot pipe = no fuel= no go. On one of my first trips out in it we went to Worcester. and it kept cutting out and we had to  let it cool down. It was a while before i sussed it. I wrapped  the pipe in silver foil and Heaven Forbid a piece of  Asbestos cloth. If we had known then what we know now.I remember I bought some special  upholstery paint and painted the rear seat powder blue. On a trip to london with the mother in law  when she got out her clothes were a streaked blue. she was not a happy bunny. It was eventually written off when it was hit broadside ,which split the floor plan and ripped the door column out. While awaiting insurance to sort  it. Someone stole the engine. The insurance refused to settle because the accident was on Crown property and was regarded as private land. My first  taste of insurance. I soon learned that  they employ any excuse not to pay that has been a life long distrust of  any insurances.

We decided to take louis to his old haunt for his walk today. At  Victory Park. We havnt been all winter   to  stay out the mud. We were hesitant in case it was muddy today. Surprisingly  it was quite dry underfoot. Louis had a great time running about. OH but it was so  bitter cold. That nasty East wind was cutting.  I spoke to the parks keeper  as he was picking up  rubbish. But he was cheerful enough. Braver man than me.


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