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I had my van booked in  to sort my headlights. They were out of allignment after the work done last week. So  at 8.30 I arrived and walked into the workshop. AH! Goodmorning they said. Lights on Campervan yes? Yes I said. OK lets have a look the mechanic said. OH I see what you mean. Its not in place is it. Well thats not down to us. We did not need to touch the lights on this one. I remember  doing the cambelt but  not  touching the lights. It looks like you may have hit something or maybe its hit you. Now I am getting itchy . No way I said  I have not hit anything. Thinking ,here comes the excuse to charge me labour to sort it. He opened the bonnet,put his hand inside and  wiggled the unit and it popped into place. He said its spring loaded and any knock will put it out of line. He closed the bonnet .All done he said. Well thanks I said. See you later he said as he walked off. I felt a bit silly, but I am sure it was them that put it out ,not me.


rays welcome

It’s a cold wet windy day . So it’s no  nice walks for louis. I  tried to give him his after lunch walk. But he just digs his heels in so we didn’t get far.

Early tomorrow morning I have to take my van back to the garage for them to put right what they messed up  on. They have not fitted my headlamps back  properly after the work  done last week.

I still haven’t got my tap. He tells me it’s out of stock and wont be in until  Friday . I am not a happy bunny it’s over a week now . If he thinks he will get a 5 star feedback he will be disappointed. First his  advert says 10 in stock  estimated delivery  will be 22 nd it’s now 29th . His advert  today shows 10 available ? I ordered a camera case from china after placing this tap  order and it arrived from china yesterday but my tap from Warwick  still not here.


rays welcome

louis and I were watching the Swan again this morning. I took a couple of pictures but  not very good. She was preening and collecting twigs and tossing them into her nest. Very interesting.

Well its asbestos victims memorial day when we think about all those who have suffered this disease.Many have lost the fight many still fighting.

When will the greed for profit in producing and selling asbestos be outlawed. If those who have this greed got a taste of life with mesothelioma they would stop it now. All though science is working on a cure,progress is being made in the form of immunotherapy drugs. But  this will not cure but it will help big time. After all how can you remove a fibre buried deep inside your lung so small that  the only evidence is a tumour in which it’s buried. a fibre so small that many thousands can sit on the head of a pin. Thats the challenge facing the world. The only cure is to  stop its production and use. When that happens sit back and wait 40 odd years for the incubation latency period to pass . But realistically I can’t see this happening for many  years from now. In the mean time we have to watch thousands die.All in the name of Greed.


Nice and Bright outside and its  early morning. Louis gets his walk shortly, when I  wake up  fully. We will check up on the swan nesting in our Dyke. I havent seen the grey mare for a couple of days.

Ive added a bit for carers today. May  be of interest to someone just starting out on that pathway.


Carers Trust



Cancer is a disease caused by normal cells changing so that they grow in an uncontrolled way. The uncontrolled growth causes a lump called a tumour to form. If not treated, the tumour can cause problems in one or more of the following ways:

  • Spreading into normal tissues nearby
  • Causing pressure on other body structures
  • Spreading to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system or blood stream

There are over 200 different types of cancer because there are over 200 different types of body cells.

It is believed that cancers arise from both genetic and environmental factors. In 2006 in the UK, 293,601 people were diagnosed with cancer. Overall, it is estimated that more than one in three people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. This compares to an estimated risk of 1 in 27 for people aged up to 50 years

Patients receiving a diagnosis of cancer are likely to feel a range of emotional responses such as anger, blame, guilt, resentment and disbelief, and although there is extensive medical care available for cancer patients from the hospital, these do little to provide adequate emotional support. For a carer to try to help alleviate these feelings can be an extremely daunting task, which is why an increasing number of organisations are being set up to help cancer patients and their carers cope with the trying times that inevitably follow diagnosis.

Most of these organisations are run by people with first-hand experience of cancer, either as sufferers themselves or from caring for family members with the disease. An increasing number of hospices are being established, which offer a wealth of expert emotional support and practical advice to help those caring for cancer patients.

Want to learn more about caring for cancer patients?

  • Links on this page give access to more information and resources on cancer, its treatment and caring for cancer patients
  • Visit your local carers’ service to benefit from the services and opportunities they provide
  • You may wish to meet other carers – who are usually more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with you, by posting messages on our online discussion boards or visiting our chatroom.

Useful resources:



Lazy  day. I am getting old for  all this rushing about. I see the Chase on ITV is over for the summer, Its Paul O’Grady Show again.

I did like his  guests for the opening Show. It’s good to get a change. We are addicted to he Chase.

I took a couple of pics of the swan on her nest today but Louis  made her  jump  she was on edge watching us so we moved away from her.

Another trip to the park. Louis loves it. Mavis lost his ball in the undergrowth we couldn’t find it.  GO Find it louis Gosh he went routing and found it. We were amazed. It’s not his best trait.


At the Marsden today I was asked if I would like to take part in a Survey. It was explained  its voluntary. Of course I agreed.

It took approx 1 hour. I can’t remember  all of it now but it started with Lorraine saying there will be no formal  pathway, There were some key question s but  apart from that the interview would be more of an  off the cuff response from me. Questions took the line of:-

Why did we get to  contacting Marsden.

Answer it was our last chance ,having been told there was no more  traditional treatment for us. WE had run out of Chemo options.

We were advised that a New Trial was starting which may be of benefit to us.

What was the primary interview like did it inspire us, was it explained  clearly, did we feel we were treated  with a caring positive hopeful approach.

Yes we did everyone here at the Marsden is so  caring  , WE feel we are in the best place you are all so hardworking.

Did I feel I was personally included in any discussions.


What impact  did this trial have on our lives what impact does it have on immediate family

What  impact on friends. We have so many friends on our onestopmesothelioma web and blog pages and many more on our motorhome camping friends.

What impact does the travel and schedule  have.

The questions  came  and I tried to respond as honest as I could. There was a point in this that I had to stop. I was breaking up. She asked me if I wanted to stop as she could see I was upset. She understood it was an emotional subject. But I  quickly composed and we continued. What sort  if any support did I as a carer receive. I said I don’t seek support and I don’t receive any professional support. I said I am not in the realm of waving a placard stating my heart  is bleeding for mavis. At most  there are approx 4 close neighbours who are aware of our immediate  situation. Family support  is confined to  our son and Mavis 2 brothers. All very close. We have never been a couple  in and out  neighbours for cups of tea. we have been a rather private family.

Things have changed with mavis global network all her followers are aware because it’s a very large network of like-minded and professionals whom are also affected .

There were so many more questions but  at this point in time I am shattered and my brain has shut down I am tired after a long day.

For us today it was a 12 hour day. We left at 10 to 6 this morning and it was 10 past 6 tonight when we opened the door to a very happy to see us Louis.


Up early drive to Marsden Not awake yet. Traffic hit and miss. Bright and su
nny . not expecting bad news . We normally go Tuesday
but changed to Wednesday. My emu oil not working today probably because I forgot to put it on.