A bit overcast today, I’ve been busy  working on PC. I am using a program that I’ve not used for a long time and trying to do things I’ve not done before. Amazing how I forgot a lot. But it keeps me alert re learning .. My PC seems to be playing up a lot lately. When I turned on today NOTHING was working it just sits there with a black screen. It takes a reboot  before  it starts. It  seizes up and runs so slow . I’ve done the usual things disk clean various scans  and virus checkers and defraged. WE don’t have the fastest internet speed here so it only takes something silly to  bring it to a crawl.  Last week BT  sent me a letter. Upgrade to super-fast broadband it said. When I entered all the details. Sorry it’s not available in your post code.  So I am stuck with under 2MBS. So much for progress. I wonder how many remember the old Dial up  connections. What a nightmare.

We took a ride to the park  with louis. Wow! how cold it was. It  looked fine from the window.  Never 2 days alike is it. We couldnt wait to get home again.

Tomorrow its Marsden day again. We  hope the traffic is not  bad because its  first day  back after the Bank Holiday weekend..


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