hp8A bit of a lay in today but not to long. It was up for a trip to London. We were off to meet 2 warriors in St Barts.

Wow  the new building is amazing. Impressed.  The journey up was OK no problems. And it was warm in the streets.

Only shock was we went  to the little cafe inside the Hospital which I had forgotten about. While the Girls found a seat I  got the coffees in. Lyn said you get a nice mug in here not one of those paper cups. Can I help the man said. Yes please to Expresso and a tea . I picked some buns and waited at the till while they served the coffee. He placed a large mug of tea by the till and pointed at it saying your tea. Next he put 2 miniature cups in front of me. I thought they were the milk jugs for the coffee. They were about 1 inch hight and held about 3 tablespoons of coffee. Still waiting for him to  give me the coffee I waited. Anything else she asked me. Yes the 2 coffees I said. She pointed to the little thimble sized  cups from a child dolls house. IS THAT IT I asked Yes she said. I was shocked and when I got back to the table with the girls I apologized.So embarrassing. But  after all the catching up  it was time to head  back to the train. I fancied a  McDonalds. The only thing I buy in them is their milkshakes and their fries. We were pushed for time as we had less than 7 minutes to get served and find the train. But we did it. No sooner had we sat down than it started moving. I fell asleep and mavis nudged me as we were almost at our home station. I  was shattered. A quick walk with louis and I was back indoors I  sat on the settee with a cuppa next thing I knew Mavis was asking me what I fancied for my tea. It was 7 oclock I had slept another 2 hours. But it was an enjoyable day.


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