s-l140Why is it that when you get home the weather is good. It certainly was cold at Peterborough.

I need to replace the Tap in my Van.We have had a slight damp   bit under the sink for  ages. Last summer Brian changed the fittings for me and  we thought it was sorted. But it soon  reared up again. So I bought  2 new fittings  but never got round to fitting them So while the man was fixing my fire I asked him to change the 2 fittings. he checked it out and told or rather shewed me it was the body of the tap  dribbling. never noticed that before. Ive scoured the net for one the prices vary  from £42 to £81 for the same thing. So it was off to my local caravan spares shop. Hanging up on the wall was my Tap. I took it down and read the price tag. £75. So it went back on the hook and I left. Back home on ebay I ordered the £42 one. I just hope its the right one .

I was sitting back watching Time Team when the lens fell out of my glasses. Oh dear surely not much else can go wrong . I managed to take a screw from an old pair. At least I can see again!.

I forgot to mention while away, I stood up  and something hit my foot. I looked down and saw my camera laying there. It was on my belt. But the loop had broken. So a new one ordered.. I tried desperately  to  sort my daily puzzle over the weekend. Try as I might it would not work. Its been one of those weeks.

Next expense is on the Mot last week a proviso , My 2 front Tyres show signs of perish so  it will soon be back to  my garage for 2 new ones. I replaced the rear ones last year.

The little list I made of TODO has now almost done Yippee!


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