Funny ole day. We went to  one of Mavis NHS meetings in Maidstone. We left here at 12 noon and got back here after 6.30 pm. Long ole day. Sunny but fresh.  We popped in for some petrol. I used the Pay at The Pump Only  for the First time today. A bit nervous. But it was quite simple really. Insert Card. WAIT. Insert Pin WAIT. Remove Nozle from Chosen fuel. WAIT. Card accepted. WAIT Card Pin Verified WAIT. You have £99.99 pence   available. That frightened me  But I think its the maximum  fuel   for some reason. Anyway fuel Filled up  Nozzle returned WAIT. Next the Menu  returned to the start. I  then drove away .Odd feeling No receipt . But Ill not be afraid to do it again.

We have had a lot of Sand from the Sahara blown in and its all over the car. The windscreen was diabolical. As  we are up  early for the trip to Marsden I needed a clean screen  in the morning. And no time to  sort it.


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