rays welcome

louis and I were watching the Swan again this morning. I took a couple of pictures but  not very good. She was preening and collecting twigs and tossing them into her nest. Very interesting.

Well its asbestos victims memorial day when we think about all those who have suffered this disease.Many have lost the fight many still fighting.

When will the greed for profit in producing and selling asbestos be outlawed. If those who have this greed got a taste of life with mesothelioma they would stop it now. All though science is working on a cure,progress is being made in the form of immunotherapy drugs. But  this will not cure but it will help big time. After all how can you remove a fibre buried deep inside your lung so small that  the only evidence is a tumour in which it’s buried. a fibre so small that many thousands can sit on the head of a pin. Thats the challenge facing the world. The only cure is to  stop its production and use. When that happens sit back and wait 40 odd years for the incubation latency period to pass . But realistically I can’t see this happening for many  years from now. In the mean time we have to watch thousands die.All in the name of Greed.


One thought on “Tuesday

  1. You’ve expressed meso’s insidious nature perfectly! How do you destroy the indestructible? Difficult to remove all the asbestos fibers so we have to train the body to control it. You would think that humans would handle asbestos like a Petri dish of the ebola virus. So often, they don’t even know they’re dealing with a killer. You and Mavis are always in my prayers! My autocorrect keeps changing Mavis’ name to Marvel. It obviously knows Mavis!!!

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