imagesI have been watching an item on ebay for  3 days and today I started bidding. I was highest bidder  right up to 7 seconds when I was outbid. Not by a quid or two but  the bidder went mental. We were bidding in the low teen and just reached the 20s when  with only  7 seconds left a red notice said you have been outbid. Enter £62 + to win. so I lost out I wasnt about to  match that silly price. So its back to the drawing board.

We have just got in from louis walk rather windswept. But  a nice cuppa will son  put that right.

I fell asleep  on settee .when I woke I toddled back to my pc to see how my reserve  ebay item was doing. It had half hour to run. I bid and got the green  note you are  the highest. Great but I was out bid. this went on back and forth for 20 mins or so. Then as it approached the one minute count down I  left it sitting on  the red notice. When it reached 3 seconds I pushed  my bid. I hoped it would be to late for  the other bidder to get in.

Bingo it worked I won. I dont bid very often and when I do I  seldom win. All I wanted was a notebook that I can use for spares to repair my  own. If I took it  to a repairer it would cost more than its worth so I would have ended up  throwing it  in the bin.



A surprise call to mavis . A friend Viv was bringing a Hedgehog to a local friend. We didn’t know she is a carer and fosters  abandoned Hedgehogs. She asked if we could meet up. So  Mavis arranged  it. When we  met her in the car Park of a local Harvester she had the sweetest little Hedge Hog. It was so Tiny . We went in for a coffee and catch up chat. We spent  almost 2 hours  chatting.

On the way home we called in for a few bits shopping ,ended up with 4 large bags. The joke was the cashier said you have saved 9 p today. I sarcastically said 9p OMG. she sais well its all money! What could I say to that. Well nothing here I could print anyway.

Ive spent days now trying to repair my notebook. But  not having a lot of luck. Ive been on ebay looking for  ones that are up for repairs or spares. I am watching 2  but  I dont hold a lot of hope because I am not the only one with a problem it seems..

I have my Tablet. But unfortunately Android cant do all that I want. My Notebook is windows. I have a nice laptop but its not always convenient to drag that around with me. I like the ipad but thats not windows either.




Wow What a day. When I took louis  out  early it as freezing. The wind was blowing the tree sideways.  After lunch the heavens opened and looking out the window it was lashing it down the noise was bad. The wind was almost at gale force. Mavis said sorry louis but  thats it . But later when it stopped. We took a chance and took him out  . Yep. it was cold and it was good to get home again.

Now after tea the sun poked  its face out but Ive just got back again and its bright but cold. With  Frost predicted for tonight.

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I was up at 5 am today I couldnt sleep. After an hour on  PC I  went and laid on settee. Mavis woke me at 9 am so I caught up. An early walk with louis then I set to  cutting the hedge which overhangs my garden. .With that done and the  cuttings swept up and in the skip I wonder whats next on agenda.


Not much. Another  walk with louis  watched a bit of Time team . Boring old sod today.

Now its BGT looking for the pins>


What a lovely day today Warm sun. Apart from louis walk  not done a lot. But  its gone cold agin this evening. I took him out with just a Tshirt. But now I have goose bumps its turned cold again.

Mavis has been watching the Conference in Holland which has gone well.

I  cant be busy all the time. But tomorrow I  need to trim the hedge which has grown over my  garden from my neighbors. But it depends on the weather.


rtDid you know Tesco are selling Magic Rich Tea Biscuits. They must be magic because I can tear open the wrapping very quietly  and from no where, behind me out comes a dog. Which wasnt there  before. I think they also sell magic chocholate bars because the same thing happens. Amazing.

problems on pc again. I deleted chrome and lost  all my shortcuts. OK now but  its a pain. PC has slowed up so much lately. Sometimes its like old dial up. But then we are at the end of the line .

I nodded off on settee this afternoon. Wow when I woke up my phone was red hot in my pocket. I mean hot you couldnt keep your hand on the hot screen. This is not the first time. I must watch this. They do catch fire apperntly. Is nothing  made today  to last. The amount of  electrical gadgets and stuff Ive bought that ends up in a draw or worse in the trash is disgusting.



As its bright outside I managed to carry on with my de clutter job. The big green tool box in the garden has now been stripped of half full paint cans and  bits of garden hose with a host of  other junk that hasnt seen the light of day for ages. I now have a scrubbed clean and fresh lined box in which to collect more junk for later disposal..

Ive made a start in the shed  but at the moment I have nowhere to  put it. The skip is full. But even tidying it up has made a significant change. It’s an ongoing job.


I forgot to publish yesterdays.

We took louis to the park but it was so cold again. fed up with this one day warm one day cold. Long gone are the days when  6 weeks school holidays meant  unbroken sunshine. No planning  for tomorrow in case  of the weather.

Everyday  was the same. Some days it was playing in the garden with  our dinky toys in the pile of sand. Or  Cowboys and injuns with pals in the street. Cricket opposite the front door  wickets drawn on the wall .

Bye gones  by gones.