Wow whats happened to my Saturday post. Its gone??.

Oh well moving on  its SUNDAY. Wet and miserable. Only good thing is we are still here. Now that’s worth all the sunshine. I have my own sunshine its called Mavis.

Spent most of the day on PC again. Its been running soooo slow again. I  removed ADDons ? and it has helped. I dont know where these so-called ADDons come from. I watched sunday politics as usual and I get so  frustrated when they will not answer the questions without waffling and stiill not answering. I watched ED Balls missus avoid answering anything . But when  she was asking the questions later she got irate because  the tory bloke wouldn’t answer hers. Double Standards all over. I did like Nigels interruption  in the Andrew Marr questions when he said why can’t we stop this back biting and who is and isnt . And let’s get back to the issues that people want to hear. But no chance They wouldn’t know truth if it bit them on the arse.


How many remember playing this on our  streets. being moaned at by peole because we chalked out  hopscotch on the path.

Who  remembers playing knockem downers and kissems and furtherems. And 5 stones Oh what fun we had not a battery in sight,


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