rays welcomewell its all over now. We are a blue  parliament . Sit back and watch. I think its a shame that we dont have proportional rep system,things would have turned out a bit different.

watching the swan this morning I felt sorry for her nesting it was drizzling and she still has a long wait yet.

We popped over to  Sturry for a spot of shopping and it started raining on the way back. Another weekend campping astray.

Ive been useing my laptop today  to compare its speed with my desktop. Its been ssoooo slow lately . At first laptops been faster loading all round but still some progs take ages. My internet speed has slowed up  aswell at best we only get 1.8 meg now we are getting 1.4 that half meg makes a difference.

Ive watched  all the political rhetoric today. Its a shame  each of those leaders didnt tell us what they had planned instead of slagging each other off. But its done now.


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