rays welcome2

My Tap arrived today. All I got to do now is Fit it. Hm!. Ive not done a lot today but Mavis has been busy. She did say  she was in trouble trying to keep  her balance. She still staggers when she is on her feet. She has little control over where her feet go. All down to Chemo damage.

I watched a documentary this afternoon on the sinking of the German Ship Turpitz.

The RAF did an amazing job achieving that. But 970  lives lost  on the ship is a high price. As one of the pilots at 94 years old being interviewed. War is a terrible thing. But 2 pilots one from the raf and one from  Lufthansa met  and have been friends for over 40 years. Sadly  one of them died just after the documentary was made.

It was  on because yesterday was VE day. &0 years on and we are still  at war  fighting somewhere. Will the killing never end.

I see Cameron plans to Axe 2000 nurses to save £86m. So much for his promise to protect the NHS. But  we didn’t have much of a choice in voting did we. Labour controlled by SNP Or Another weak coalition with Tory and whoever. . Its been that way for so long now it’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Things may look different in 5 years time. But I will be past caring by then.


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