I didnt get round to  publishing my half finished post yesterday. It was another day of power cuts. When we arrived home from the marsden yesterday we were met with the power company on site in force. Several vans and a digger. Busy digging  up the car park.  I was asked to move my car so that a generator can be put in my space.

We spent the rest of the day from around 4pm to bedtime with little or no power. We had a faint intermittant glow in  the lights so low it was not possible to read  with and it  flickered on and off  every 30 seconds or so. Not enough power to switch the central heating on. No  kettle so we boiled water in a saucepan on the gas lit with a match, not enough power to ignite the gas. We went to bed. About  2 am in the night we were awake to  the TV and lights and computer bursting into life but only for a moment then nothing. When we got up  this morning we could hear  what we thought was a lawnmower. But it was them cutting up the concrete  in the carpark. This continued all day. we now have a series of large holes   as they searched for  a break in the power line. We have power now but  we may not have any again tomorrow as the search continues.DSCF9728

This was my parking place,now it has a generator  in it.


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