I finally got off my backside and made a start   on my  tidying up  junk. I have a big green storage bin beside the shed. Its had stuff in it for several years. Half tins of paint camping chairs etc. Nothing used for so long I forgot when. Oh dear When I emptied it I discovered  a large plastic engine oil  had split or leaked. It was a mess. So  a major  clean up and scrub up required. I now have 4 black sacks and a wheel barrow full  .All ready for the tip. Its drying out  at the moment. We then took louis out. Ive told Mavis Off  today. She was nodding in her chair. I went and sat down for a rest she was fast asleep  and not a movement no  chest up and down her arms folded no movement. Oh God I didn’t want to wake her  but I couldn’t just leave her . With Heart in my mouth I went and got my glasses. Still nothing. I was about to  prod her when one finger twitched. At last. I told her not to do that to me again. She said I do it to her all the time. Thats the life of a carer.

If weather is kind tomorrow I will atack the junk in the shed. Another job Ive been antcipating.


One thought on “Friday

  1. It’s the price we pay for loving. I’m comforted by my husband’s snoring at night. It tells me that everything is okay. What are you going to do with your empty storage bin, Ray? Sounds like a good excuse to go shopping!!!

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