As its bright outside I managed to carry on with my de clutter job. The big green tool box in the garden has now been stripped of half full paint cans and  bits of garden hose with a host of  other junk that hasnt seen the light of day for ages. I now have a scrubbed clean and fresh lined box in which to collect more junk for later disposal..

Ive made a start in the shed  but at the moment I have nowhere to  put it. The skip is full. But even tidying it up has made a significant change. It’s an ongoing job.


I forgot to publish yesterdays.

We took louis to the park but it was so cold again. fed up with this one day warm one day cold. Long gone are the days when  6 weeks school holidays meant  unbroken sunshine. No planning  for tomorrow in case  of the weather.

Everyday  was the same. Some days it was playing in the garden with  our dinky toys in the pile of sand. Or  Cowboys and injuns with pals in the street. Cricket opposite the front door  wickets drawn on the wall .

Bye gones  by gones.



2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. We’re experiencing a similar weather pattern here in Ohio. One day you’re perspiring in short sleeves and wearing a coat the next.
    I accumulate way too much stuff. I attribute the nasty habit to a short attention span. I take on a new craft or project with gusto. I must have every bell, whistle and tool required to produce said item. After making one, I think, well that was fun but what’s next? I can’t get rid of this stuff because in the future, I will probably want to make another. It’s a vicious cycle!!!!

  2. Gosh I thought I was the only one. We started a policy when we retired. If its not been used for 6 months then it goes in the shed. If after 6 more it hasnt been used it goes in the skip. But of late Ive not kept it up. But Ive made a start. I can now see I have shelves in the

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