Wow What a day. When I took louis  out  early it as freezing. The wind was blowing the tree sideways.  After lunch the heavens opened and looking out the window it was lashing it down the noise was bad. The wind was almost at gale force. Mavis said sorry louis but  thats it . But later when it stopped. We took a chance and took him out  . Yep. it was cold and it was good to get home again.

Now after tea the sun poked  its face out but Ive just got back again and its bright but cold. With  Frost predicted for tonight.

The future of cancer surgery is in your hands.
Dear Mrs Nye,
The future of cancer surgery is in your hands. We really need your help to set up the UK’s first Robotic Surgery Fellowship this year, and to do this we need to raise £80,000 by July.
Some of our patients have complex surgical needs and would benefit from less invasive surgery, with faster recovery times, so they regain their quality of life sooner.
Surgeons will be trained to operate on different cancers and multiple tumour sites, meaning less complex, more efficient procedures and a speedier recovery for the patient.

“It is vital to make sure we can train the next generation of surgeons. The Robotic Surgery Fellowship will allow us to do this.”
Mr Pardeep Kumar, Consultant Urological Surgeon and Robotic Surgery Lead

Help us build a future beyond cancer by donating to our Fellowship appeal today.


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