A surprise call to mavis . A friend Viv was bringing a Hedgehog to a local friend. We didn’t know she is a carer and fosters  abandoned Hedgehogs. She asked if we could meet up. So  Mavis arranged  it. When we  met her in the car Park of a local Harvester she had the sweetest little Hedge Hog. It was so Tiny . We went in for a coffee and catch up chat. We spent  almost 2 hours  chatting.

On the way home we called in for a few bits shopping ,ended up with 4 large bags. The joke was the cashier said you have saved 9 p today. I sarcastically said 9p OMG. she sais well its all money! What could I say to that. Well nothing here I could print anyway.

Ive spent days now trying to repair my notebook. But  not having a lot of luck. Ive been on ebay looking for  ones that are up for repairs or spares. I am watching 2  but  I dont hold a lot of hope because I am not the only one with a problem it seems..

I have my Tablet. But unfortunately Android cant do all that I want. My Notebook is windows. I have a nice laptop but its not always convenient to drag that around with me. I like the ipad but thats not windows either.



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