imagesI have been watching an item on ebay for  3 days and today I started bidding. I was highest bidder  right up to 7 seconds when I was outbid. Not by a quid or two but  the bidder went mental. We were bidding in the low teen and just reached the 20s when  with only  7 seconds left a red notice said you have been outbid. Enter £62 + to win. so I lost out I wasnt about to  match that silly price. So its back to the drawing board.

We have just got in from louis walk rather windswept. But  a nice cuppa will son  put that right.

I fell asleep  on settee .when I woke I toddled back to my pc to see how my reserve  ebay item was doing. It had half hour to run. I bid and got the green  note you are  the highest. Great but I was out bid. this went on back and forth for 20 mins or so. Then as it approached the one minute count down I  left it sitting on  the red notice. When it reached 3 seconds I pushed  my bid. I hoped it would be to late for  the other bidder to get in.

Bingo it worked I won. I dont bid very often and when I do I  seldom win. All I wanted was a notebook that I can use for spares to repair my  own. If I took it  to a repairer it would cost more than its worth so I would have ended up  throwing it  in the bin.


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