mvray2bAIt was Marsden Day  again so up at 4.45am Oh how I struggled to get out of bed. Between then and 10 to 6 life was a blur a hazy sleepy blur. I remember walking louis up the lane but only just. Journey up was OK. But  the rest of the day  went down hill we had bloods done by 8.30  doctors checkup by 945 thena trip down to the cafeteria for a coffee. Hopefully the drug will be up  by 1.30 ish like last time. But No such luck today we were called in for the drug at 2.45 but  by the time the needle was inserted ready for the first drips was 3.30 so it was well after 4 pm before we saw the outside. Climbing into the car was agony everything was to hot to touch. So with all windows open and aircon swithed on we set off for home. The end of it No way. The bloody French on strike again so operation stack was on the M25 was ok but by the time we hit M26 all stop 20 minutes to cover 20 feet was the norm. We finally hit our carpark at almost 6.30pm another long day.

The only  good bit is I can see mavis preparing  dinner knowing that she is safe for another 2 weeks makes it all worth while bless her.



Another frustrating day on PC. On start up this morning it was frozen. Nothing I could do  worked.. eventually  I  got in to it. I decided  best thing I could do was wipe it clean and start again. Ive spent all day copying  onto flash drive and loading it on my laptop. After doing that I cannot reset pc to factory settings. Error message says 15 files are missing please insert  installation disk.

Well as I  downloaded  and installed win 8 on line You dont get a disk. Also as win 8 was rubbish I  updated to win8.1

Now I find that  Microsoft update to win8.1 does not  install all the files you need. And without these files you cant reset computer. So I am stuck. Microsoft stinks.

So it seems I have to live with my problems of freezing and intermittent dropouts untill win 10 comes out  at end of July. Computers I am sick of em. It seems thats all Ive had recently PC problems.


cl1Update on my stale sweet purchase.  I received from ebay an email advising me that I had been given a full refund from the seller. I  contacted the seller to thank him for what  was a surprise gesture.

Mavis has had problems with her new computer. We sat together to sort it. Fingers crossed

….. Its been warm again so it was a nice walk round the park. But lots of dogs off lead. Not good for louis.

You know when you  get a parcel  and inside the box is full of those soft chippings. Well I  emptied the box in the bin just as a  big breeze blew most of it back and all over  the garden covering the  grass and the bushes. But worst of all  all over my neighbors garden. So I had to  get out there and pick every bit up. Took ages. You cant sweep it  as it sticks to the broom so it was my picker up er tool and picked up  each bit  at a time. Took ages.



mvra 3AIve spent some time this morning setting up Mavis new computer. She has so much on it I have my work cut out  sorting it. I think its a bit by bit transfer or new install. But at least its up and running .

Its always a stressful time transfering. I hate new computers.


mavis just dropped a bombshell.  Can I be honest she said?. Yes go on.

I dont think this computer is any faster than  my other one!!!!!

I pointed out that the spec for  the new one is so much higher  than the old one so it must be better. What she hadnt thought of was. At the end of the day it is goverened by the speed of out internet. So it cant go any faster than our connection. But at least  she has a much later  PC that  should give good service.


lasortsI ordered on Ebay a 3kg bag of Liquice allsorts which arrived today. I couldnt wait to  open  the bag and sample. Oh dear. Disappointment soon loomed. They were old stale dried out and hard. No taste and hard to bite into. My previous  bag was  fine. Ive sent a complaint to the seller. Now waiting a reply. I will eventually  get through them but I wont repeat the order.

Ive had notification that Mavis`s new computer will be here at 4.-5 pm. That will involve transfering tons of her stuff.

Outside the sun is warm on your back but the wind is fresh on your face. But at least so far its dry.

While watching Lost relatives on TV  of people looking for Parents. I wonder if they had a mother like mine would they bother. Mine was not worth searching for. If you want to know more  try my book.My Book It has over time since publishing sold many .

Ive now had a response from my liquirice man. I said dont ask me to return them its not cost effective. Now he wants a photo. I said OK but I cant photograph staleness. Its like asking me to email him a smell..

Now he said just send me a picture of the item. watch this space.

mavis  new computer came. Its unpacked. But I cant set it up yet she is at her desk. I will  do it tomorrow.


imagesWhat a wet day. Louis had his shortest walk ever today. He didnt like the rain neither did we.                                                                                                 Maybe if it brightens up later he will get another one. He is walking round the place huffing and puffing in disgust.

Just had an email jog  that Mavis new PC will be here tomorrow. That I must be in to sign for it.                                                                                                   I dont have a time yet.

Well the evening has turned out  sunny and really warm now. I can see the big trees  are blowing in the wind so I guess its a bit strong.


mvra 3AIts been a fresh day one minute and a warm day the next.

Mavis has been busy on her pages again. Me well the usual. times on pc facebook blogs. walking  louis nodding, nothing new for me.      I did have another brainwave solution for the refurb of westminster.

Move the queen to Balmoral. Move parliament to Buckingham Palace.

After all  Buck house is just a big council house.