Our journey to the Marsden was very good. We arrived about 7 40 am. We were both up at 4am couldn’t sleep. It was heavy wind and rain. But the day went well bloods done by 8.45. Doctors check up  around 10.30. Then  sit about  till 1.30 for drug. Home here at 3.30. Mavis got a printout of her continued amazing results. Well over 70 % shrinkage. With several tumors completely gone shrunk back to nothing. WE had a long chat with the Doctor he said they are all waiting and watching Mavis`s results with bated breath .

Our next session will be 27 which starts the second year on the trial. We moan about traveling  every  2 weeks. But some travel  twice a week every week on  different trials so we are lucky in that respect.


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