Cut the grass  also trimmed back the weeds from next door growing through the fence.

I noticed that my willow fence is deteriorating and soon will require  drastic action or there will be no fence.

WE lost another ball in the park today. But we also found another one so as they ay exchange is no robbery.

Ive washed the car .Got rid of all the bird shite. every day they single mine out and use it for target practice. The amount of times they  score you would think they dont need to practice.

My back is playing up  today even after pills  ,cream, and my  brace. I dont think cleaning the car helped a lot either.

I thought I had a dud Battery in my laptop. It was dead this morning. But Ive charged it and a couple of hours later  its still good so I must have left it on. Silly Billy.

In the post today was a letter  from WONGA. It was addressed to me. Telling me that they had revised their policy for  their customers. I was livid. I have sent them a stiffly worded letter  demanding that they remove me from their database. On the grounds that i have NEVER been a customer of Wonga or any other  Loan Company. I am awaiting a reply.



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