mvra 3AI said to Mavis today . With all the work you do and time you spend on your PC maybe I can update it for you. But after I had scanned it for spec.

It wasnt really viable. So I sugested that we replace it with a more uptodate faster m/c.

So I have been looking. Watch this space.


After trawling  PC World ,Currys, Argos,Amazon and finally Ebay. I have sourced a new computer for Mavis. From Ebay. Its 4 x more Ram and 3 x faster processor a much bigger HD. All in All it should show a marked improvement over her  PC afterall  its approaching 5 Years old and in todays world of PCs thats ancient..

It shold be here on Tuesday.

We took louis  to the park  as it was nice and sunny outside. Just like a summers day. Slight Breeze .


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